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Top 10 Richest Tech Billionaires

Its all about MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!!. In the recently released Forbes Billionaire list, there are 159 tech billionaires worth a combined $818.7 billion.  From Software, to hardware to mobile apps, eCommerce, internet, telecom, and many other tech business, the top list have made their mark in our World.

The top ten have a combined wealth of $371.5billion and Yes Bill Gate of Microsoft(a software development company) tops the list with $79.6 billion, while he’s followed by Larry Ellison of Oracle with $50 Billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest gainer in the world this year, adding $11.2 billion to his fortune and climbing 10 spots in a year to become the sixth richest person in the world. There are a total of 10 female billionaires who made or inherited their fortunes from technology.

Laurene Powell Jobs widow of former Apple boss is the richest woman in tech and the only woman in the top ten with $16.2 billion, largely due to her stake in Disney. Larry Ellison of Oracle at 71 is the oldest billionaire in the top ten and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at 31 is the youngest in the top ten. The list is dominated by American and only Jack Ma of Alibaba is the only non-American citizen on the top 10 list and there is no African on top tech list which contains names of nationals of 15 countries of the world.

Check out the list below;

Rank Name Net Worth Age Origin of Wealth Country
#1 Bill Gates $79.6 B 60 Microsoft United States
#2 Larry Ellison $50 B 71 Oracle United States
#3 Jeff Bezos $47.8 B 52 United States
#4 Mark Zuckerberg $41.2 B 31 Facebook United States
#5 Larry Page $33.4 B 42 Google United States
#6 Sergey Brin $32.8 B 42 Google United States
#7 Jack Ma $23.2 B 51 Alibaba China
#8 Steve Ballmer $22.7 B 59 Microsoft United States
#9 Laurene Powell Jobs $21.4 B 52 Apple, Disney United States
#10 Michael Dell $19.4 B 51 Dell United States

For the full list of Tech Billionaires Click Here



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