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5 Reasons You Should Purchase a Laptop Instead of a Tablet

5 Reasons You Should Purchase a Laptop Instead of a Tablet

by Oluwasegun EdunMarch 5, 2016
Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry most challenging thing most people face is choosing which to purchase is it a Laptop or Tablet, yeah you might advise me to go for a Tablet considering the fact that it is compact and can be easily taken from one destination to another and I might not want to agree with you on that based on the fact that although Tablet might be portable and mobile but a tablet is limited in some respect. follow us as we highlight five reasons you might prefer a laptop other than a tablet.


It’s no doubt that the laptop PC is developed for this purpose to perform different task at the same time, you can play games type documents and do all sorts of task on your laptop PC but you can still do the same on a Tablet but up to some extent and can’t be as flexible as the Laptop PC, The primary use of a tablet is surfing the internet, play games, listen to music and other light tasks the herculean task is majorly done by the Laptop PC because of their high processing power.


This fact remains undeniable and undisputable, you will get almost 10 times the storage capacity of a tablet on a Laptop because of their computing power, PC manufacturers tend to increase the speed and capacity of their storage device, the tab with the highest storage capacity you will ever come across is 128GB and probably 200GB the latest SD card from Sandisk but the PC, on the other hand, feature mountainous size for storage medium we have seen high-end PCs with 1TB of hard disk storage which means you can store virtually anything and you won’t need to worry about using up spaces on your PC.


No doubt with the fact that tablets may have a wide variety of applications but that still deprives them of the fact they can still be more productive compared to a laptop, laptop PCs also feature a wide variety of application software and almost 70% of these applications are very productive for everyday use be it in office automation, large supermarkets and stalls, medical profession and other field of endeavours making Laptop PCs the real JACK OF ALL TRADE.

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The Laptop shows up with yet another irrefutable point to beat down the Tablet it’s no doubt there are laptops with screen size of 19 inches the mini laptop features 10 inches and that’s the size of an high-end tablet, a large screen may seem uncomfortable with most users but on the positive side a larger screen means a more detailed picture what you are viewing be it web page, movies, ebooks e.t.c


Accessories wise the Laptop PC beats the Tablet hands down, the laptop PC offers a reasonable amount of ports for different types of accessories like handsfree, microphone, bluetooth, webcam and what have you the Tablet on the other hand have very few ports for accessories although there are accessories that support wireless connectivity thereby giving the tablet a possible chance of some accessory compatibility.

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  • shola araoye
    March 5, 2016 at 8:08 am

    Laptops can not be compared with tablet. What laptops can do, tablet can’t. Both has advantages and disadvantages. Tablet is portable and durable I.e easily carried around than laptops

    • Oluwasegun Edun
      March 7, 2016 at 7:52 am

      Yeah you said the right thing it’s true laptops can’t be compared with tablets in so many ways but tablets can also prove to be handy sometimes or what do you think

  • Araoye gbadebo
    March 5, 2016 at 10:31 am

    Having the two is even better, if one can afford it

  • Obumneme Offorkansi
    March 6, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    The two of them are good to have. For someone like me, sometimes there are weeks or days I dont even near my system.

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