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5 Must Have Android Apps For Every Muslim In Ramadan

5 Must Have Android Apps For Every Muslim In Ramadan

by Oluwasegun EdunJune 15, 2016

This is for all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters out there and all around the world, We wish you all Happy and Blissful Ramadan Kareem as you observe the Holy month we present to you five of the fantastic android apps for you to get more out of the Holy month of Ramadan.


Muslim Pro 2016

Recognised as the most popular muslim app you can’t go wrong with Muslim Pro as it contains enough Arabic scripts and also translations to your preferred language, it has accurate prayer times based on the location of its user and also comes with a Qibla Locator. Download it on google play .





Qamardeen is an app from Batoul that lets you track all your spiritual efforts as it can be used to track all your prayers, Sadaqah, and also Quran Reading. You can download it on google play

 QamarDeen- screenshot

3. Quran Majeed

Taking the Quran from one place to the other has been made easier and more comfort has been added as Quran Majeed serves as a mobile Quran that gets in handy whenever you want to connect to the world beyond and also the app comes with commentary and translations in 45 present.

4. Lose It

Talking about weight loss during the season of Ramadan may sound absurd but it might still be considerable when looking at the long hours of fasting and odd times when meals are taken during this period, its easy to gain weight without even knowing it but kudos to Lose It as it helps you record your daily calorie intake thereby helping you to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Click on google play to download.


5. iPray

iPray provides you with accurate prayer times and also come equipped with Qiblah locator, and also has a modern and simple user interface.

 iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla- screenshot





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