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Best Twitter Apps for Android Reviewed !!!

Best Twitter Apps for Android Reviewed !!!

by samAYOFebruary 28, 2016
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Have you sat down to imagine a world without social media? No twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram and yes, No WhatsApp. I really wonder our world would be. Thankfully we have all these various social media apps at our disposal and many more still to come. One of such apps that has made social interactions is Twitter, the app which helps you put get 140 words in series of tweets, you can say goodbye to boredom because you have a wide range of messages from different users from all over the world. best twitter apps
Twitter also has its own unique problem like one of which is the fact that tweets are limited to 140 word and people have argued that there’s little you can send out with 140 words and we hear twitter is working on that. Twitter has a website and an official app which most people prefer to use. Over the Years many twitter apps have developed in a bid to make the twitter experience better and have many more user oriented features. The twitter apps have been developed for user preferences, colour, speed, capacity and many other factors. Here are some of the best twitter apps around which you could choose from and most are free, while other are paid for.

Here is the list of the apps:

ubersocial icon

UberSocial for Twitter
UberSocial has been around for quite some while, it was one of the first app available to twitter users which I used very well back then and they are still as strong as ever. It is higly customizable and includes a ton of great features. You can change your columns, and add more topics and many more things you wish to. It also allows you add multiple accounts and most of all, it has a free version and the pro version which is not free.
Download UberSocial for Twitter

talon iconTalon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter was developed by Klinker Apps and got its first huge deluge of fame when it was among the primary applications to completely grasp the Material Design premise. From that point forward, it’s settled in as being one of the best Twitter applications accessible at this moment. It has a fabulous client interface, support for two records, Android Wear bolster, night mode, and even a local YouTube and Vine player so you don’t need to leave the application. Talon for Twitter is not free as it cost only N794.65.
Download Talon for Twitter

tinfoil icon

Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter is a unique application with a different kind of premise. This actually isn’t a Twitter app but rather a type of app called a wrapper. This app opens the Twitter mobile site and allows you to use it quickly without opening your browser. This gives you an “app like” experience without giving any Twitter apps any permissions. It’s a good app for those who don’t like giving out permissions but do beware, this is the mobile website and it doesn’t work as quickly as a dedicated app will.
Download Tinfoil For Twitter

tweetcaster iconTweetCaster Pro
TweetCaster has a many of customization options with countless theme options and font sizes, tweets for any mentions on your account auto-refresh in intervals and many more customization  options for you. The app enables ads which you can get rid of by using the pro version, it also has the option of adding multiple accounts. The app is works well on smartphone and the pro version cost only ₦994.81.
Download Tweetcaster here


hootsuite iconHootsuite
Hootsuite is one of the best social media apps available. it helps you manage all your social medai accounts in one login, it it the best Android twitter app for those running a professional Twitter account that has to be closely monitored. with hootsuite you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts. With Hootsuite, users can schedule posts (including photos) and messages, and are also able to track analytics. So if you love numbers and data, Hootsuite is your best Android option for Twitter. It also shortens links with for even more click-through stat report data.
Download Hootsuite here

plume iconPlume
Plume is a simplistic Twitter app that sports the strongest design out of all of the Twitter apps available. You can set this Twitter app to have tabs at the top of the screen that allow you to quickly navigate through your timeline, mentions and direct messages. And, best of all, the app displays a number next to each heading that tells you how many items under that category are unread. The menu is a slide-out, intuitive one, and the app has a great deal of customization options available.
Download Plume here

twidere iconTwidere
Twidere is one of the best free Twitter apps for Android due to it being as close as you’re going to get to creating your own Twitter app without writing any code. Twidere is truly a unique app, in that it allows you to set the background colors, typeface, how individual tweets are displayed and even how animations and images are shown. You’re also able to tweak the experience by adding a scroll slider, changing the position of the compose tweet button, and adding a count for unread tweets. All of this customization is included with the free app, too. Even without any of the customization options, Twidere is still a very reliable Twitter client for Android.
Download Twidere here

Fenix iconFenix
Fenix is another interesting Twitter app. The layout is beautifully designed and looks gorgeous. Some of its more notable features include the ability to mute users, hashtags or custom keywords (so if you get sick of reading about Kim Kardashian, you can mute any tweet that mentions her). That’s probably its most useful feature, but there’s more, including timeline and mentions widgets, a customizable navigation bar, and theme options.
Download Fenix here

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