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Review: Electronic Voting Machine To Be Used For Nigeria General Elections

 Kaduna State set to become the first in Nigeria to use electronic votingReview: Electronic Voting Machine To Be Used For Nigeria General Elections

From a report by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), Nigeria spent about ₦122.9 billion to conduct the 2011 general elections that saw Goodluck Ebele Jonathan emerge as president.

In 2015, the cost of the general decision increased to ₦108.8 billion, ₦14.1 billion not as much as the last one. These monies were meant for the procurement of electoral materials.

On paper, doubtlessly some significant cuts were made, and INEC’s house and a budget were at last meeting up. However, realistically, several billions of naira is a great deal to spend on general elections in Nigeria, thinking about the economy throughout the years as a transcendent factor.

Passing by the trend, the cost of the 2019 general elections will be expected to advance down from the region of a hundred billion, yet the reverse might be the situation.

As indicated by the minister, the machine is expected to eliminate every one of the hurdles that have come to be associated with electronic voting in Nigeria. The voting machine is expected to collate result instantly after the elections and declare a winner.

Image result for electronic voting machine in nigeria electionThe machine was used in the just conclude Kuduna Local Council elections making Kaduna the first state in history of Nigeria to use Electronic Voting Machine.

From reports there were some hiccups with the voting machines but it was reported that it went on smoothly. Many people who voted at the election said the process was easier and faster with the use of the voting machine and election results were printed out to show electorates that there were no records of votes before the exercise.

Questions requiring answers:

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should give clarifications on whether the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) or Point of Voting (POV) machine, i.e. the one that will be taken to the polling station, are networked to a local zone network? or a major aspect of a Wide Area Network or joined to the web?

It is necessary for the political parties or even individuals from the general population to understand all capacities and stages in the network architecture, including every one of the servers, in Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) workplaces, the connection, and the Point Of Voting (POV) machine.



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