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Facebook Messenger Day adds new exiting feature

Facebook Messenger DayFacebook is rolling out a new feature on Facebook Messenger Day called Shear Your Day that enables people to narrate the last 24 hours of their life in pictures on its messenger designed to self-destruct after 24 hours. This is similar to SnapChats designed to send self-destructing photos or videos, and Facebook is adding a bit of difference to it.

The question here is why this new feature Facebook is launching is very similar to Instagram Stories, Snapchat, etc. The feature has a share-your-pictures-and-videos-in-a-single-post-type feature is something other networks have introduced to their users before.

According to Facebook, They have seen billions of photos and videos coming up ever since they launched the Messenger built-in camera last year. This has led to the new Share Your Day feature.

The similar feature in Instagram is about eight months old and has been a huge hit. Snapchat Stories. As the company is focused on user experience and seeing how well the feature has worked for other social media platforms, it seems logical that Facebook would add it to its messenger

With Share Your Day, you can share pictures and videos by adding them to your Messenger Day letting people view them and like them. Like with regular posts, you can choose who can see your day: everyone both friends, or family members only and you can add more content while all the other ones disappear.

Facebook Messenger Day is available for download on playstore HERE and iOS users can download HERE

Here is how to create your own Facebook Messenger Day in four easy steps:

  • Open the Messenger app on your phone and find the My Daybutton at the top of your Home tab. Here you will also see thumbnails of every friend that has shared their day.

Facebook Messenger

  • To add photos to Messenger Day, tap Add to your dayat the top of your feed. Alternatively, tap on the camera button (now highlighted with a sun) to take a photo or record a video from your phone.

Facebook Messenger Day

  • Use Messenger visual effects to add text, stickers, or drawings to your pictures. They’re under the smiley face icon at the top right.

Facebook Messenger Day

After you’ve taken a photo or video, you can choose to add it to your story or to share it with one or several friends. Select My Day to share the photo or video to your Messenger story. Photos or videos you share will be viewable for 24 hours.



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