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Special Deal: You Can Now Borrow Data on Glo

Glo borrow me data

Running out of data can be a very daunting experience at times. Especially when you have something very worthwhile doing on the net and you suddenly run out of data. But Glo are set to help you out in those trying times now with the Glo borrow me data service. All you need to do  is dial *321# and you will have the options to borrow data and pay later. To qualify for this service, You need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 4 months and have a good usage history. To apply, you are required to send a request through a predefined short code (*321#) which will send you a prompt to create a pin and confirm it.

Below is a list of data quantity in MB, the amount to pay for it and its duration:

Price (N) Data Volume in Pack(In MB) Data Volume for Borrow Me Data(In MB) Validity
50 30 30 1 Day
100 60 60 1 Day
200 200 200 5 Days
500 1600 1600 7 Days
1000 3200 3200 30 days

The service is charged at a 15 percent transaction fee. For more details click HERE

Watch the promo video below:



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  • Bright Meek Phronesis Odei
    December 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Special Deal: You Can Now Borrow Data on Glo

    Glo is really trying when it comes to Data Bundles; but they really need to work on their service. Their Internet is really slow. It’s bad!

  • KingAbsolute
    December 5, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Nice one Glo, even though they copied it from MTN. MTN is yet to advertise their own like they do with other data services, I wonder why.

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