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Hawk-Eye: The New Must Have Crime Reporting App For Nigeria Police

Hawk-EyeThe Nigeria Police and technology firms have collaborated to create and deploy inventive versatile app, called Hawk-Eye, designed to curb insecurity the nation over.

Hawk-Eye is a portable app that will enable clients to report crimes anonymously to the police by video, voice or content. It was developed by a Lagos based tech firm, Web Assets Nigeria Limited, in partnership with United States based tech firms, BBGN&K and Microsoft. The solution gives key technologies, for example, facial recognition and key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Chief Executive Officer, Web Assets, Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, noticed that security of life and property is an essential element for national development and improvement, henceforth the requirement for the versatile app.

On the working of the app, he clarified that while the solution would enable clients to report crimes anonymously to the police by video, voice or content, the app is additionally part of a far-reaching security solution that includes the outfitting of watch vehicles with cell phone terminals, giving performance administration, information as choice instruments and the redoing of the police summon and control focuses. Basically the Nigerian Police, giving the correct assets would now be able to give successful and proficient reaction to crimes revealed by citizens.

He said that with Hawk-Eye, citizens are engaged as wellspring of human knowledge in the battle against crimes, for example, kidnapping, terrorism, robbery, human trafficking, among others.

The framework is relied upon to upgrade the group policing plan as of late declared by the government to enhance security in the country.

The undertaking is overseen by Deputy Inspector General, ICT, Foluso Adebanjo of the Nigeria Police Force.

Announcing with the app is anonymous and the app does not identify nor capture the information of individual documenting report.

Citizens can download the Hawk-Eye Crime Reporting app for nothing, select crime write to be accounted for, capture image, video or call for help. The framework utilizes GPS area benefits on the client’s cell phone to identify client’s area for prompt police reaction

The framework is presently accessible for revealing by citizens in the government capital region (FCT) in Abuja and will be propelled in Lagos in September, with rollout anticipate different states after Lagos.

This app is currently available in Playstore and Apple store. Android users can download the app HERE while iOS users can download the app HERE.



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