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Smart Things Smartphone Can Perform Which You Do Not Know About

Smartphones has been one of the great innovation by experts; many would remember the early days of smartphone, basically it was a computer in the pocket packed with alot features to make life easier and better. But even with some of these great features, smartphone to some still remain a phone to make calls and to surf the internet. For such individuals, brings to you ways to get the most out of your phone, here are smart things smartphone can perform which you might likely not have known about.

Changing the launcher on Android

Every smartphone comes with its own interface known as launcher, be it Tecno’s Phantom or Gionee’s M5. They all put much effort making sure they get it just right with their Android smartphones standing out among others. But despite all their best efforts they still fail to please everyone. All they do is just to force on us different interface with different features that make things just don’t look or feel right.

launchers for Android

launchers for Android

Here comes the good news. Do you know smartphone makers aren’t the only ones who can develop an interface (or launcher) for Android? Many third parties i.e app developers have taken time to upload their own creations onto Google Play, allowing you to download new launchers and replace whatever launcher that comes with your phone

Checkout list of various launchers both free and paid versions that will suit your personality in our App Finder.

Control other devices with infrared

We all know the era of having a phone with infrared is gone, but let me surprise you all with this piece of information. Do you know that the high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 comes with infrared blasters? Surprised? I know you will.infrared remote
If your smartphone comes with such, then your smartphone has the capability of controlling anything that responds to infrared signals. There is an App already installed on your smartphone programmed to control your TV or set-top box.
But not all smartphone have a built-in infrared control, or may you just don’t get on with the one that is included, you’ll find other few apps on our App Finder available to download , such as the Peel Smart Remote, which is often just re-skinned by manufacturers anyway.

Identify songs instantly
We might know about Apps that can be used to identify a song as it’s playing on our smartphone such as the Shazam or SoundHound. But did you know about the song identification tools that Google, Apple and Microsoft created?
They’re built right into their respective virtual assistants, so you can just ask Google Now or Siri what’s playing or tap the Music Search icon inside Cortana.
 identify songs - smart things smartphone can perform

Automate your life with IF
Do know you could, for example, set mobile data to turn off when you’re connected to Wi-Fi or automatically upload new photos to your cloud storage service of choice?

Automate your life with IF - smart things smartphone can perform

Automate your life with IF

As long as there’s an app or function somewhere you should be able to do it. To make things even easier, there are dozens of pre-created ‘recipes’, so you can instantly automate almost everything.
IF (previously IFTTT or If That Then This) is an app available on Android and iOS, which creates simple connections between apps and functions.

Restore deleted photos on iOS 8
Sometimes we get too hasty or maybe accidentally delete those happy moments that was captured on our smartphone, but if you have an iPhone all is not lost.
The Photos app that comes with the iPhone has a ‘Recently Deleted’ album where all those pictures are stored for 30 days, so you can just head in to there and recover them.

Restore photos on iOS8 - smart things smartphone can perform

Restore photos on iOS8

Then again, in the event that you truly don’t need somebody to see that photograph of you eating at the mall, it merits heading into the Recently Deleted collection and double deleting it.

Go ahead and make your smartphone do things smartphone can perform!!!

Kindly tell us about that smart thing your smartphone can do in the comment box.



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