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Twitter Debuts Twitter Lite


Twitter has now followed the lead of social networks like Facebook and Youtube by introducing a data-friendly version of the social media app christened Twitter Lite. Announcing the new feature in a blog post today, the micro-messaging app stated that even though smartphone adoption rate has grown over time, a majority of people using Smartphone are still on the 2G network system.
According to Twitter, the new Twitter Lite which is integrated to Twitter mobile will guarantee you at least 30 percent more speed and more than 40 percent of your data will be saved.

Twitter Lite
Apart from the Twitter Lite feature on, Twitter has also introduced a “data saver” mode which allows you to see a preview of images and videos before you choose which ones to fully load. Twitter has forecasted that this new feature can save you a whopping 70 percent of your data. To use this feature in chrome for Android, tap your profile picture and select the “data saver” setting.
Additionally, on the Twitter Lite in Google Chrome and other browsers, you can enable push notifications that will give you notifications just like the Twitter app.



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  • KingAbsolute
    April 7, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Nice one twitter, not every time Facebook will be copying from people, sometimes copy from them. This twitter lite app will be so cool when you have limited data.

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