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Unboxing of Wiko Lenny 2: Unveiling an Idol!

Wiko Lenny 2 is a powerful tech entry-level smartphone from wiko mobile. It’s the successor of the Wiko Lenny smartphone – it’s an improved version of the predecessor – we at Gadgets Review NG takes you into a digital journey into the world of  Wiko Lenny 2. lets  unbox the device and see its distinctive attributes . In order words, join us in unboxing the Wiko Lenny 2……….the game changer on fleek !!!


Unboxing of Wiko Lenny 2 Pack

The pack is red and colourful medium-sized box. let’s take a peep into whats in the box.
→ The Smartphone
→ A pair of Earphones
→ Black colored USB Cable
→ The Adapter (3-toothed)
→ Extra Peachy Pink Back Cover
→ Screen protector
→ Battery
→ Two User manuals (Quick Start Guide and Wiko warranty)

Wiko Lenny 2 fully unboxed

Wiko Lenny 2 fully unpacked

Quick Specs of Wiko Lenny 2

  • ROM: 8GB
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Display: 5.0″
  • Resolution: 480×854 pixels
  • Micro SD: Yes
  • OS: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Camera: 5MP primary, 2MP secondary
  • SIM: Dual (Standard SIM and Micro SIM)
  • Battery: 1800mAh
  • Processor: Quad Core 1.3GHz

We have the full specification of the Wiko Lenny 2 on this page.

Unboxing Pictures of Wiko Lenny 2


Front view of the Wiko Lenny 2 

The three (3) Navigation Keys of the Wiko Lenny 2

Wiko Lenny 2 Navigation Keys

Wiko Lenny 2 Navigation Keys

On the surface of the Wiko Lenny 2 is the internal earphones and front facing camera

Wiko Lenny 2 front camera and Earpiece speaker

Wiko Lenny 2 front facing camera and Earphone speaker

Atop of the phone is the earphone jack and the MicroUSB port. MicroUSB for charging, OTG compatible and transferring files, while the earphone jack suffices for earphones.

Wiko Lenny 2 USB port and Earphone port

Wiko Lenny 2 MicroUSB port and Earphone jack


Underneath is the mouth piece (Mic) for making calls.

Wiko Lenny 2 mic_GadgetsReviewNG

Wiko Lenny 2 Mic

To the right hand side is the volume buttons at the top and power button right below it.

Wiko Lenny 2 Side botton_GadgetsReviewNG

Wiko Lenny 2 Volume and Power Button

Wiko Lenny 2 Volume and Power button when the Back cover is removed

Wiko Lenny 2 Volume and Power button when the Back cover is removed


The 5MP camera boasting from the back with a spot on flash.

Wiko Lenny 2 back camera

Wiko Lenny 2 back camera


Wiko Lenny 2 speaker uniquely placed at the back of the device.

Wiko Lenny 2 speaker

Wiko Lenny 2 speaker

There’s the removable battery slot at the back with the dual sim ports direct above it. Wiko Lenny 2 uses one Mini SIM and one Micro SIM. The camera and the memory card slot by the left hand side from the SIM slot.

Wiko Lenny 2 rear cover_GadgetsReviewNG

Wiko Lenny 2 back cover

Wiko Lenny 2 Back_GadgetsReviewNG

Wiko Lenny 2 Battery Slot, SIM Slot and Micro SD

First Impression

Looking at the Wiko Lenny 2, It has a 5inches IPS display type with sleek design, easy navigation on the user interface and a brilliant colour interpretation. It is lightweight and flat with a bursting sharp camera effect . The design is rounded at the edges of the device and smooth making the phone an easy sleek carry on device.

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Stick with us at  while we play with the device. In a few days we will publish the full review of this device. Check out the comparison between Wiko Lenny VS Wiko Lenny 2

WIKO LENNY 2 is an amazing device we bet you can’t compromise the digital love imputed into this ultra slim sleek smartphone device its your ideal GAME CHANGER as your messages comes promptly with excellent pop ups……..Wiko Rocks !!!



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